Explore Dorchester Town's proud history and how the club is nurturing its future with our academy and centre of excellence setup, to more information on what it means to be fans owned, key staff as well as opportunities to volunteer with the club.

Management & Volunteers



Further information about club directors and the team of volunteers who make the club run.

Dorchester Town Football Club was formed following a meeting at the Kings' Arms on 21 October 1880.

Further information on how you can become an co-owner of our football club.

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Centre of Excellence

Vacancies & Volunteering

Match Programmes

The club has a rich history of developing young, homegrown players. Read more on how we do it.

Read more on how to get involved in the club.

Read or download our match programmes.

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COVID-19 protocol

Directions & Tickets

All the details on how to contact the club.

All the details on our matchday protocol to make the Avenue covid-19 safe.

Further details on how to contact us and all visitor information.

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