The Dorchester Lottery

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We are pleased to announce the relaunch of an new, modern Dorchester Lottery.

Through monthly draws and ticket sales, participants will have the chance to win a financial prize while contributing directly to the growth and sustainability of Dorchester Town Football Club while also supporting the invaluable work of Ducks & Drakes Cancer Trust.

Ducks and Drakes Cancer Trust was founded to help save lives and promote well-being by raising awareness of Bowel Cancer in young people,  across Dorset and the UK. They support Bowel Cancer patients and their families through the provision of specialist medical equipment and financial aid.

Tickets are as little as £5 a month.

Exclusive offer:

Anyone who signs up to the new lottery until 30 June 2024 will be entitled to a free junior season ticket for the 2024/25 season or if they wish can donate this to Ducks & Drakes for them to distribute.

Funds Will Directly Support Projects:

Ducks & Drakes Cancer Trust:

  • To support bowel cancer patients and their families through the provision of specialist equipment and financial aid
  • To fund specialist nurses in Dorset County Hospital, specifically in the Colorectal Department and financially support Dorset County Hospital's new cancer unit
  • Create awareness of bowel cancer in young people in Dorset and the UK

Dorchester Town Football Club:

  • Soccer Schools for children and families on low income support - The Dorset HAF Programme only operates during the larger schools holidays and Dorchester Town Community Football Club will use the lottery to supplement this service during February, May and October half terms
  • Community coaches for primary schools - with our growing relationship with local primary schools, we aim to provide them with participation football to help grow the club within the DT1 area
  • KixStart, ladies football and more projects
  • To continue to ensure that football is available for anyone in our community

In partnership with Dorchester Town Football Club and Ducks & Drakes Cancer Trust, this initiative promises to bring together residents in support of two vital pillars of the community.


50% of the income will be allocated to the winners
30% of the income will be allocated to Dorchester Town Community Football Club
20% of the income will be allocated to Ducks & Drakes Cancer Trust

Please provide your contact and payment information below to be in with a chance to win and support local causes.

Want to know the ins and outs please read our FAQ’s or email

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How can I play?


All new lottery sign ups are through our dedicated lottery page at:

I played the previous lottery does this mean I roll over into this one?


If you previously payed by standing order we ask you to cancel this and resign up. You will be contacted with an email too. If you were paying by cash collection we will be keeping this service going for a minimum of 6 month and then review.

How much does it cost?


Each ticket costs £5 a month. Entries are paid monthly. Through paying direct debit you can choose to pay either on the 1st or 15th of the month

Can I choose my own number/s?


No, numbers will be allocated to you and you will be informed what they are. You then keep your number(s) for as long as you choose to play. Each £5 ticket will generate a different lottery ticket number. Increasing your odds.

What are the odds of me winning?


What are the odds of me winning?
We aim to ensure that the odds are no greater than 150/1

How will I know if I've won?


The draw is announced every month on our website and social media channels. A representative of The Dorchester Lottery will contact the winner by phone the same day. You won't have to claim, we will contact you when you win.

Where does the money go to?


All profits are divided three ways: 50% goes directly into the prize fund. 20% goes to supporting the excellent work of the Ducks and Drakes Cancer Trust. The remaining will go to supporting Dorchester Town Football Club's community work.

How is the draw done?


Automatically. All lottery entries are put in to an computerised random number generator. Every month Every month the random number generator initiates its random selection and picks that months's winning number. The draw will be announced each month on the lottery's website and via social media.

How quickly do I get the money should I win?


Immediately. Upon confirming you as a winner, we will ask for bank details to create a BACS transfer.

Where is the lottery based?


The lottery is operated by Dorchester Town FC, and registered at The Dorchester Lottery, Dorchester Town Community Football Club, Avenue Stadium, Weymouth Avenue, Dorchester, Dorset. DT1 2RY.

I live outside Dorchester, can I still play?


Yes, if you have a British address. We only give to good causes based in the local area, but you can play from anywhere in Great Britain

I forgot my entry number, how can I find it out?


You can email us by clicking here